3 Ways to Lower Humidity in Your Home

Having excess humidity in your home can be uncomfortable, but it can also cause problems with your home. The excess moisture in the air can cause mold spores to reproduce like crazy, fabric can develop mildew, your wooden doors can swell and become hard to open and close, and any pet smells in your home can get worse. Here are three ways that you can reduce the humidity in your home.

Line Dry Clothing

Running the dryer can increase moisture in your home. When you dry your clothing outside on a line, you won’t add to humidity levels.

Use a Dehumidifier

You can get one of these online, or in many stores that sell home goods. A dehumidifier sucks water out of the air and stores it in a collection unit. When the container is full, just empty it outside to make sure the removed moisture doesn’t wind up back in your house. The best part is that they’re pretty affordable and effective. The only problem with dehumidifiers is that they really only target a small space, but it is possible to get a whole house dehumidifier from Comfortable Climate Heating and Air Conditioning. You won’t have to worry about emptying out the water tank, and your whole home can be humidity-free without multiple dehumidifiers running.

Air Conditioning

Setting your air conditioner to high fan will help increase air flow in your home, making it much more comfortable.

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