What Does It Mean When My AC Doesn’t Dehumidify?

Air conditioning is too important to ignore when your system isn’t operating correctly. You and your family suffer for it when the temperatures soar into the 80s and beyond, and all you want to do is eat ice cream. One strange problem may occur when cooling isn’t the culprit, but dehumidification is. This is when your AC is working, but it doesn’t remove the humidity from the air.

When this happens, the answer may be air conditioning installation in Yorktown, VA. We understand this seems like too much work for a minor problem. It is not. What may be happening here is your AC system is too big for your house. This may require new AC installation.

The AC System Must Fit the Size of the House

It’s not a case of bigger is better when the central air system is designed for a larger house than you own. This does not increase efficiency. Instead, what it does is cool the air so quickly that the thermostat shuts off. This doesn’t allow for the moist air to cross the cooling coil and have that moisture removed. This oversized system won’t work in your house. The solution is Yorktown, VA, AC installation from an established company with knowledgeable technicians.

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