Tips on Saving Money on Your Heating Oil This Winter

You want to keep those you love warm and toasty throughout the long winter at a price you can afford. We recommend two main ways to do this – keep your heat pump in optimal working condition and save money on home heating oil.

Maintain Your Heat Pump

Regular heating service in Newport News, VA, keeps your pump working as it should. When a part is damaged, all of the other components work harder to make up for it, which wastes oil. Also, an old, outdated pump doesn’t use fuel efficiently and ends up costing you more money. We recommend yearly checkups and replacement when necessary.

Look for Savings on Heating Oil

Let us offer you these tips to reduce the cost or the amount of heating oil your house needs during the winter:

  • Buy during the summer when prices are lower.
  • Ask for discounts.
  • Join a co-op.
  • Shop around to compare prices.
  • Energy-proof your house. Perhaps, you need to add more insulation, caulk the windows, and/or weather-strip the doors.
  • A final option is to dial the thermostat down a couple of degrees. Then, wear warm sweaters, snuggle in fuzzy blankets, and drink lots of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

And don’t forget to have a phone number handy for reliable heating service for winter maintenance.

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