How to Save Money on Your Heating Bill

Don’t let your bank accounts take a nosedive along with the temperature outside. When the weather turns cold, try these simple tips from our HVAC contractor in Williamsburg, VA, to lower your heating costs.

Dress and Decorate for the Weather

Rather than fiddling with your thermostat, dress warmly around your house. Wearing layers, warm socks, and even a hat and gloves will keep you comfortable without increasing your utility bills. Decorating your house for the season will also make a big difference; bring out your favorite quilts, fluffy rugs, and so on. Not only does it look inviting, but also you can easily stay cozy during relaxing evenings at home.

Change Your Filter Regularly

One easy way to keep your heating costs down and avoid a service call from your local HVAC contractor is to change your HVAC filters regularly. A dirty filter forces your heating system to work harder and consume more energy. Change your filter once a month to keep your system running smoothly.

Let the Sun In

Take advantage of the free solar power that hits your home every day: let the sun heat up your home. When you leave your curtains and blinds open during the day, the sunlight can warm your rooms by several degrees.

Be Mindful of Fan Use

You likely use your ceiling fan to cool down during the summer -- but did you know it can also help keep your rooms warm? Since hot air rises, running your fan in reverse will help push it back down to floor level. Talk to your HVAC contractor if you are not sure how to reverse your fan. On the other hand, you should limit your use of kitchen and bathroom fans; while they remove undesirable smells, they also remove a lot of hot air.

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