3 Ways to Keep Your House Cool Without Blasting the AC

HVAC Contractor Gloucester VAEven though the summer months are winding down, we thought we would share three tips how you can save money on your electric bill. With temperatures soaring, you shouldn’t have to crank up the air conditioner constantly. Discover how you can save money this summer below by keeping your home cool in unique ways.

Sleep With Windows Open- If you feel comfortable sleeping with your windows open, it can help reduce the amount of electricity while still staying cool. The summer breeze can be refreshing throughout the night.

Switch Direction of Ceiling Fans- During the summertime, your ceiling fan should be going counter-clockwise. When the fan is going in this direction it blows the air straight down on you.

Cook Outside- Did you know grilling out can actually reduce your electric bill? By cooking inside the oven or stovetop heats up the kitchen, which raises the temperature in your home and causes your air conditioner to turn on again. Enjoy saving money and being outdoors for the rest of the summer.

We hope these tips help keep you cool without blasting the AC this summer. If you are in need of an HVAC contractor in Gloucester, VA, give us a call at (804) 693-1125 today.

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