Keep Your House Warm Without Turning Up the Heat Part 1

Heat Pump Maintenance Gloucester VAEven though it feels like fall just arrived, winter is right around the corner. With colder temperatures in the near future, you should prep your house to ensure your electric bill does not drastically increase. There are a couple of ways you can help keep your house warm without raising your bill. Discover three things you can do below.

Seal All Windows- Heat can easily escape your home through the windows if each one is not sealed properly. You can caulk your window frames to ensure the heat in your house stays in your home.

Close Doors To Unused Rooms- If you have any rooms in your house that you are not currently using, you could close those doors, so you are not heating rooms for no reason.

Flannel Sheets- Another way you can stay warm, is to change the sheets on your bed to flannel sheets. These sheets will keep you warmer during the night, so you do not have to turn up the heat.

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