5 Cool Tips to Keep Your AC Humming Along on Summer’s Hottest Days

We’ve gone from spring-like days into high humidity scorchers that remind us just how much we love our air conditioning unit. Jason Saunders, owner of Comfortable Climate Heating and Air Conditioning, offers these 5 reminders to keep your house cool all summer long.

  1. Checked your air filters lately? Jason suggests replacing them every 30 days, so your unit doesn’t have to work harder than it needs to. Remember to turn your unit off while switching out the filters and before heading to the store for a replacement, make sure you properly measure for the proper size.
  2. Think you’re saving money by lowering the thermostat when you’re gone for the day? Or are you one of those people who turns their HVAC units completely off when they leave their house. “Don’t use more than a 2-degree setback when you program your thermostat,” Jason recommends. Typically, if you set your unit any higher than 78 degrees, it’s going to have to work too hard to keep up with the soaring temperatures.
  3. Have you scheduled routine maintenance with us? You want your system working at its peak to provide efficient heating and cooling when you need it most. The experienced technicians at Comfortable Climate Heating and Air Conditioning know where system issues can occur and how to eliminate them before they become problems. It’s also far less expensive to spend money in preventative maintenance beforehand rather than costly repairs afterward. Learn more about signing a preventative maintenance agreement, which means we come twice a year to prevent problems. Bonus: When you sign a preventative maintenance agreement in July, we’ll donate 10% of the proceeds to a local Habitat for Humanity house being funded by local small businesses. Email Jason to sign up for an agreement at jason@ccairandheat.com or call us at 804-693-1125.
  4. Keep an eye on the water dripping outside from your unit. During high humidity days, water will drip from your unit’s primary condensate drain line via a PVC elbow near your home’s foundation. If you do not see any water, it could indicate a clogged drain. Call us for service!
  5. Going on vacation? Jason recommends you set your unit at 78 degrees rather than turning it off completely during your absence. That maximizes efficiency and once you return home, your home will return to the temperature you prefer pretty quickly.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 804-693-1125! Stay cool!

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