What to do When the Temperature Inside Your Home Doesn’t Match the Thermostat

You’ve set the thermostat in your home to your preferred temperature.


But you’re not feeling it. Comfortable Climate Heating and Air Conditioning is happy to make a service call, but before you contact us, try these troubleshooting steps first.


  • Setting digital thermostat temperatureChange your filters. Even if you changed them 30 days ago, guess what? It’s time to replace them again. Air filters only last a short amount of time. Not changing your filters frequently can put too much of a load on your system and lead to problems. The good news is cheap filter work just fine capturing dust particles, pollen, pet dander and other irritants. Remember to measure to be sure you’re buying the correct size.
  • Are all your vents open? And are they unobstructed? It’s wise to keep air vents open in all rooms, even those that are rarely used. If you don’t, air becomes trapped inside that room and raises the air pressure, which leads to reduced airflow. Also, avoid blocking your air vents. If you’ve got furniture, plants, pillows or something else on top of one or more of your air vents, your system is forced to work harder squeezing air through the portion of the vent that is open. If your vent is on the wall, leave a minimum of 6-12 inches between a piece of furniture and the vent to ensure proper circulation.
  • Check the batteries on your thermostat. Batteries that are low can cause your system to act erratically, so plan on changing them at least once a year. Always turn off the thermostat when replacing batteries.
  • Keep the doors inside your home cracked even if they’re slightly raised off the ground. By keeping interior doors open, your ventilation increases.


If you’ve gone through this checklist and your home is still not at its desired temperature, give us a call at (804) 693-1125 so we can help!


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