Heating Problems You Could Encounter this Winter

While some HVAC issues are simply matters of cleaning coils and filters -- relatively minor maintenance tasks -- other problems can develop into much more pressing concerns if they aren’t handled quickly. Many of these issues can be avoided with regular preventive maintenance calls. Fortunately, the dedicated technicians at Comfortable Climate Heating and Air Conditioning are here to offer information about some of the most common heating malfunctions:

Poor System Upkeep - A lack of maintenance can cause reduced comfort levels, premature repairs, replacements, and higher energy bills. By taking care of your system, you can avoid HVAC repair in Yorktown, VA.

Pilot Light or Ignition Control Issues - A furnace ignition control or ill-working pilot system could be causing intermittent or no heat in your home.

Poor Circulation or Airflow - The airflow in your home could be compromised due to a failing system’s fan motors, belts, bearings, or ducts. When these components aren’t maintained or repaired regularly, your heating system can overheat.

Overworked Heat Pump - Ensure your system’s equipment such as the ductwork, refrigerant, compressor values, and more are all appropriately sized for your climate control needs.

Faulty Thermostat - Even smart thermostats can experience battery and setting issues. These malfunctions can lead to inconsistent comfort levels.

Leaking Ductwork - Check for leaks by walking alongside the ductwork in the attic, feeling for blowing air. Sealing any leaks can lead to higher energy efficiency.

Moldy Furnaces - Moisture buildup is the result of inadequate insulation or ductwork, creating the perfect environment for mold growth.

Lack of Fuel - Whether you have an electric, gas, or oil furnace, the system needs to fuel to perform at its best. An appliance that’s low on fuel can cause cold air, odors, fumes, along with a medley of other heating problems.

When you’re looking to stop one or more of these heating issues in their tracks, call on our trained HVAC technicians to restore your means of indoor comfort with effective HVAC repair in Yorktown, VA.

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