How NOT to Heat Your Apartment

When you’re trying to save money on utility bills, or the heating in your apartment isn't working properly during a cold spell, you may feel the urge to raise the temperature any way you can. But, any HVAC contractor in Williamsburg, VA, will advise that before you get creative, make sure you think of the dangers of some alternative heating options.

The following options may seem appealing for heating your apartment at first, but they could also harm you and your home.

Running the Shower

You might consider running your shower at the hottest setting while leaving your bathroom door open to get the hot bathroom air circulating through your apartment. But this will merely heat up your bathroom and maybe the area just outside it. You should just call an HVAC contractor to fix your central heating, as this option will not adequately heat the rest of your apartment in the way that you would like.

Turning on the Oven

Because an oven is a heat source, you may be tempted to try using it to heat your apartment, too. This is a terrible idea for a few reasons:

  • Risk of Injury - Leaving a hot oven door open or the stovetop burners on poses a serious burn risk.
  • Risk of CO2 Poisoning - If you do not use your gas oven properly, you could suffer carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Limited Impact - Call an HVAC contractorto fix the real problem, because even though you may feel toasty standing beside the oven, there is no way to get the hot air circulating through the rest of your apartment

Lighting Candles

Candles add accent lighting, ambiance, and aroma to your space. But you should not rely on candles to heat your apartment. While candles add a little warmth to apartments, it's certainly not enough to do the trick if your heat isn't working properly. Open flames also pose a high fire risk.

Contact a qualified HVAC contractor in Williamsburg, VA, for solutions that are safe and effective.

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