Signs That You Need Heat Pump Replacement

Adding a heat pump to your home or business is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint while lowering your utility bills. Routine maintenance and conscientious care will ensure your HVAC system runs efficiently for years. But how do you know when you need heat pump replacement in James City County, VA?

Indoor Air Quality Is Affected

Indoor air quality can change from too humid to too dry if your air exchange isn’t working correctly.

It’s Never a Comfortable Temperature

If you can’t seem to find the room temperature sweet spot; it may mean the unit is struggling to maintain its settings and it’s time for a heat pump replacement.

The System Is Running Constantly

A heat pump that never stops running may mean it’s having trouble controlling the temperature.

You Call the Repairman A Lot

If your HVAC repairman is on speed dial, it’s probably time for a heat pump replacement.

Higher Than Average Utility Bills

A heat pump that struggles to keep its settings or is continually running is also drawing more power than usual and often results in higher utility bills.

Unusual Noises

A virtually silent unit that is now making noise is a cause for concern. Call an HVAC specialist like Comfortable Climate Heating & Air Conditioning; they can assess the system and determine if you need a heat pump replacement.

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