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Items to Add To Your Spring Cleaning List

Ductwork Cleaning Yorktown VABefore you know it, spring will be here and then summer. Now is the best time to start thinking about your spring cleaning project. Typically, people will do a deep clean of their home including the carpets, baseboards, and moving furniture. You do not want to forget any necessary items, which is why you should make a list of everything you want to accomplish. We created a list of things you will want to add to your spring cleaning list below.

Closets- This is one of the first things people think about when someone mentions spring cleaning. From donating clothes you no longer wear to organizing it by styles of clothing, your closet is usually on the spring cleaning list. We put it on the list because you cannot forget about the hall closets and linen closets in your home. If you have a pantry, here is your chance to throw away expired food.

Ductwork- The vents in your home are out of sight, so people often forget to clean the ductwork throughout their home. Fortunately, you do not have to clean the ductwork in your home because we will do it for you.

Garage- During the winter, you tend to store things in the garage. When the temperatures start to rise, it is your chance to organize the garage to make it easier to find the items you need.

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2 Times to Have the Ductwork Cleaned in Your Home

Ductwork Cleaning Yorktown VABreathing pure air is essential for your health because if you are regularly breathing in dirt and dust, it can impact your allergies and HVAC system. When there is build up in the vents, it can cause significant issues with your HVAC unit because it is working harder. With dirt building up, it is vital to know when you need to have the ductwork in your house cleaned. Discover how you can tell when you need to have your vents cleaned below.

Moving into a House- Before moving into a home, you should schedule a ductwork cleaning. This way when your family moves into the house, you do not have to worry about breathing dirty air. It is normal to clean the entire house from the floors to the windows before moving in, so it would make sense to have the ductwork cleaned too.

Notice Dirt- If you start to notice dirt around the vents, it is a good indication that the rest of the vents look the same way. Once you start to see dirt, you can give us a call and we will schedule an assessment of your vents, so you can know for sure.

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Alleviate Your Allergies

ductwork cleaning Yorktown vaAllergies can really ruin your day. Dealing with a stuffy nose and itchy, watery eyes all day can keep you from enjoying life. Do you often find yourself experiencing your allergy symptoms indoors? It may not be the new cat: it’s probably your ductwork.

You’d be surprised how much dust and debris can accumulate in your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system over time. Chemicals, dust, dancer, and mold can get sucked up into your ducts and recirculate throughout your home several times a day. These air pollutants could be causing your allergy symptoms. So what can you do about it?

Getting regular ductwork cleaning in Yorktown, VA can help alleviate your indoor allergies and have you breathing easier. Since your ductwork is contained inside your walls, it may be hard to know when the right time for a cleaning is. If your vents look dirty, or if you notice an increase in the frequency of your allergy symptoms, it’s time for a cleaning.

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