The Best Time for Air Conditioner Installation

If you are thinking about a new air conditioning installation in Williamsburg, VA, then saving money should also be a priority. You will also want to think about getting a new system and installation services when demands for them are at their lowest. When is that? This article will go over how choosing the right time of year for your HVAC installation can make a difference.

Buy the Unit During the Winter

The demand for air conditioning units drops drastically in the cooler months. As a result, many HVAC retailers and home improvement stores find themselves overstocked and unable to sell them normally. To compensate for the decrease in demand, these stores will offer discounts on many AC units during the winter.

Online stores also follow market trends. You may even find steeper discounts from online-only retailers, as they have to pay more for warehousing. After all, AC units that take up space will only cost them more money. Sellers want to have space back for new heaters or other appliances, so they are willing to take a dip into their profits to make it happen.

Request Installation Between Summer and Winter

The logic to hire a contractor for air conditioning installation also follows the pattern of buying a unit--request it when their business is not as busy. The difference here is that the timeframe shifts a bit. HVAC companies tend to be their busiest both during the summer and winter months. In other words, you’ll have to pay a premium during these times if you want their time and service.

The fall and spring are the best times to get installation services since HVAC companies aren’t as swamped with work requests. In addition, you may find yourself with more bargaining power if you request service during these times. Request estimates from several service providers--and mention to them that you are shopping around. This will give the company an incentive to make more competitive bids.

Investing in new air conditioning installation can feel a lot like playing the market. At the same time, knowing when to buy can help you add more value to your home. Keep the above tips in mind before making a switch. Meanwhile, consider strengthening your maintenance routine to ensure your house remains comfortable while you’re waiting for the best deal.

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