Ring in the New Year with a New Tankless Water Heater

Everyone loves hot water. Its one of the many modern miracles that make our lives so much easier. Most homes have a hot water tank. Even though these tanks hold hot water for when you need it, even the biggest tanks can run out of hot water. Enter the genius of a tankless water heater in Williamsburg, VA. If youre in the market for a new water heater or looking to upgrade your tank, this is a good time to go tankless. Here are some appealing reasons for getting that tankless water heater you’ve always wanted.

Save Space

Older style water heaters take up a lot of space, and no one likes those massive tanks taking up space. A tankless water heater is usually about one-fifth the size of a traditional tank. Theyre typically mounted to the wall, which also saves valuable floor space.

Save Water

A tankless water heater is also much more environmentally-friendly than older tanks. With this style of water heater, you get hot water on demand. You dont have to wait with the water running until it reaches your desired temperature. So, there is no more wasted water.

Save on Your Energy Bills

A tankless water heater not only saves water but is more energy-efficient as well. Tankless water heaters can be around 24% to 34% more energy efficient. When you save energy, you save money.

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