Take Better Care of Your HVAC System in the New Year

A new year is almost here, and many of us are thankful for that. A clean slate for a new year means you have the nest twelve months ahead to work on improvements to your life. Many people want to lose weight or eat better, and some want to be more organized and stay on top of life’s commitments. A great goal is to be a better HVAC system owner by improving simple routines and partnering with an HVAC contractor.

Here are some resolutions you can make to prolong the life of your ventilation, heating, and air conditioning system.

Change Your Filters Regularly

Home air filters need to be changed regularly to capture air contaminants effectively. When was the last time you changed your filters? If you cant remember, its likely been too long.

Invest In Preventative Maintenance

Have a trusted HVAC contractor come to your home and give your system a thorough assessment. You may be capable of spotting small problems, but getting a second opinion from a pro can help you avoid unseen troubles more effectively.

Address Long-Avoided Duct Leaks

Heat loss from duct leaks can cause headaches and cost a lot of money. Give your ducts visual inspections whenever youre able, and act on any leaks you notice.

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