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Ring in the New Year with a New Tankless Water Heater

Everyone loves hot water. Its one of the many modern miracles that make our lives so much easier. Most homes have a hot water tank. Even though these tanks hold hot water for when you need it, even the biggest tanks can run out of hot water. Enter the genius of a tankless water heater in Williamsburg, VA. If youre in the market for a new water heater or looking to upgrade your tank, this is a good time to go tankless. Here are some appealing reasons for getting that tankless water heater you’ve always wanted.


Save Space

Older style water heaters take up a lot of space, and no one likes those massive tanks taking up space. A tankless water heater is usually about one-fifth the size of a traditional tank. Theyre typically mounted to the wall, which also saves valuable floor space.

Save Water

A tankless water heater is also much more environmentally-friendly than older tanks. With this style of water heater, you get hot water on demand. You dont have to wait with the water running until it reaches your desired temperature. So, there is no more wasted water.

Save on Your Energy Bills

A tankless water heater not only saves water but is more energy-efficient as well. Tankless water heaters can be around 24% to 34% more energy efficient. When you save energy, you save money.


Take Better Care of Your HVAC System in the New Year

A new year is almost here, and many of us are thankful for that. A clean slate for a new year means you have the nest twelve months ahead to work on improvements to your life. Many people want to lose weight or eat better, and some want to be more organized and stay on top of life’s commitments. A great goal is to be a better HVAC system owner by improving simple routines and partnering with an HVAC contractor.

Here are some resolutions you can make to prolong the life of your ventilation, heating, and air conditioning system.

Change Your Filters Regularly

Home air filters need to be changed regularly to capture air contaminants effectively. When was the last time you changed your filters? If you cant remember, its likely been too long.

Invest In Preventative Maintenance


Have a trusted HVAC contractor come to your home and give your system a thorough assessment. You may be capable of spotting small problems, but getting a second opinion from a pro can help you avoid unseen troubles more effectively.

Address Long-Avoided Duct Leaks

Heat loss from duct leaks can cause headaches and cost a lot of money. Give your ducts visual inspections whenever youre able, and act on any leaks you notice.

Staying Warm without Turning the Heat Up

During the cold winters each year, it can be a challenge to stay warm without turning up the heating system. Thankfully, there are techniques and actions you can take to help you stay warm and also avoid unexpected high utility bills. Any trusted heating service in Newport News, VA, will tell you that these are some of the top tricks and tips for maximizing the warmth in your home.

Here are some simple and cost-effective ways to stay warmer in the winter months:

Dress in Layers
It’s not only wise to add a sweater, jacket, and other layers when going outside in cold weather, but these tips can apply inside, too, when you’re trying to warm up. Layers will insulate your body, making it easier to regulate your body temperature.
Wear Thick Socks or Slippers
To avoid calling out a heating service company, try to keep warm. It sounds silly, but keeping your feet warm always makes your entire body feel warmer. Slip on a pair of ultra-warm wool stocks and a pair of slippers or shoes when lounging around the house.

Use the Oven and Stove for Cooking
Ovens and stoves both generate heat in a kitchen. This is why people prefer to make no-cook and no-bake meals in the warmer months. However, in the colder months, the opposite advice applies: Use your stove and oven more often to add heat to your home.


How to Select the Right Tankless Water Heater for Your Home

When you are looking for a cost-effective water heater that can provide you with an endless supply of hot water, then you should consider a tankless water heater in Yorktown, VA. In addition to saving you money, they are also convenient. They are compact and smaller in size than traditional water heaters, so they can be installed nearly anywhere in your home – under the sink, mounted on a wall, or even in a closet. With so many tankless water heaters on the market, here are the top points to consider.

Cost of Installation

You should ensure that the manufacturer has factored in the cost of installation. While a tankless water heater is more reliable and cost-effective, you should note that the cost of installation can be steep due to the separate installation.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the biggest benefits of purchasing a tankless water heater. Consider how much the model you plan to buy will save you on utility costs. Ensure you know the products Energy Factor or EF before purchasing it. That EF determines the heaters overall efficiency.

Size, Flow Rate, and Demand

Tankless water heaters also offer flexibility. There are large units and small ones. The best model should meet your daily needs when it comes to hot water. So pay attention to the flow rate more than the capacity.